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Join 100+ Quantum partners in our e-commerce marketplace to add valueto your customers while creating a new stream of revenue.

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Receive campaign proposals automatically

Our AI powered algorithm matches your site with relevant brands. Brands find you on our marketplace and submit campaign proposals, no work required from you.

Add value to your customers

Campaigns are aligned with your customer demographics. Samples and media will all be of interest, adding value to your customers.

Earn passive income

We handle the logistics of each campaign. You sit back and watch the added revenue come in.

How It Works

Sign up a as a partner

Register and give us basic info about your website and customer demographics. You'll select from a catalog of ads you're willing to offer to your customers.

List your site

Your site is live and discoverable on the marketplace. You'll receive bids to run campaigns on your site, which you can choose to accept or reject.

Increase your profits

As campaigns run, you'll earn money based on the campaign terms all while adding value to your customers.

Partner qualifications

Do you run a high volume e-commerce website with over $100K in sales per month? You can create a new stream of revenue to your business and to bring added value to your customers.

Clients can discover you based on the media types you have available. The more media types made available, the more likelihood of clients finding you and purchasing services.

Quantum handles the logistics

Quantum handles all the campaign management and logistics related to sample distribution and ad delivery. Check the status of the campaigns, how they are progressing, demographics info, and your earnings for each campaign.

Manage and monitor requests through our Partner Portal

Earnings & campaign dashboard

Accept or reject campaigns

Manage your marketplace profile

Earn more by connecting to the Quantum API

Connect to the Quantum API and increase your earnings

Increase your earnings by connecting your store to the Quantum API (optional). The API gives brands more insight into your customers for better ad matches, plus automates info on your public profile. This reduces upkeep while helping you earn more.

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