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Bringing Digital Results to Nadec

In a campaign with Nadec, the objective was to run a 360 campaign with sample distribution and a media buying campaign for 8 weeks distributing in three major cities of KSA including Jeddah, Riyadh, and Dammam. Each sample was to be distributed to a specific segment / target audience through 3 major  e-commerce shopping platforms namely Lulu, Danube, and Haseel

Media Buying in Ecommerce:

Before we move on to explain how we executed media buying for our client, Media buying refers to the purchase of advertising on mediums such as televisions, websites, e-commerce platforms, mobile applications, commercial radio and so on. This campaign executed media buying on websites and mobile apps of the e-commerce shopping platforms in the form of online banners and category banners. Along with sample distribution, the online banners provided the brand a complimentary push in sales. Each media buying activity provided an increase in sales per item across all partners and led to unique brand reach and awareness.

Technologies used:

Our platform allowed the client to create a brief efficiently and include all of the details such as their product offering, demographics, campaign objectives and so on. Based on the details provided, the platform’s algorithm automatically suggested a list of relevant e-commerce partners for media buying and product sampling and their prices for each service. The platform’s dynamicness allowed the client to select three main e-commerce partners to work with and get the desired results for their campaign.

Campaign Summary:

In this scenario, Quantum distributed samples with every outgoing order through 3 selected e-commerce platforms in KSA. Moreover, the product sampled, a protein milk drink in two different flavors, had its online banners showcased on the shopping applications of the selected partners.

Campaign Results:

Overall, The campaign was a great success with one of our partners reporting a total impression of 35,507 on a single banner and a click through rate of 3.5%.
It is interesting to note that 91% of these ad impressions and ad clicks happened through iOS devices.  An unclickable category banner led to a 146% increase in sales per sku for the promoted brand in that time period. Running a second campaign a short period after sampling campaign helped Nadec achieve a 243% increase in sales for that period of that campaign.

We are happy to have achieved these results with Nadec and our E-commerce partners and look forward to more successful campaigns in the future.

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