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Manage, Segment, And Scale.

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Advertise to 1M+ customers on our marketplace of ecommerce websites, focus groups, and live events. We use AI to match you with the right target audience.

Trusted by companies of
all sizes - from local
startups to global brands
The Quantum Marketplace

Target Your Exact Audience via Online Orders

Over 100+ channels to reach your target audience using a variety of unique ad products.

Why Quantum?
  • Our algorithms suggests targeted audiences aligned with your goals.
  • Search our marketplace with 100+ unique and exclusive channels to advertise.
  • Quantum handles the campaign management. You stay updated throughout the process.

Offering a wide selection of unique advertising services

From sample distribution to media buying, select the best medium to advertise your business through our marketplace.

Targeted sampling via e-commerce sites
Start Advertising
Insert and coupon targeted distribution
Start a Campaign
Direct-To-Consumer sampling & research
Send Product Samples
E-commerce sites media buying 
Buy Display Ads

The Process

Tell us about your product or business and let our algorithms to take care of the rest.

Create a Brief

We’re all ears. Tell us about your product, business objectives and the audience you’d like to reach.

Intelligent Matching

Quantum algorithms find your specific target audience across our partners, live events, and focus groups. Your brief is then submitted for approval.

Start a Campaign

Once approved, your campaign begins. Quantum’s team handles logistics and distribution. You’ll stay updated each step of the way.

Analyze & Track

View feedback and analytics from your dashboard. Track the status of campaigns with data and strategic insights. Watch your brand and business grow.

What Customers Are Saying

Take Your Business to the Next Level

FInd out how our customers use Quantum to reach new audiences and grow their business in no time.

Success Story

Targeted Sampling and Its Outcomes

Quantum is an analytic company that offers targeted sampling solutions to leading brands with its e-process integration with internet-based businesses. Quantum enables companies to reduce their sample waste and increase campaign efficiency using accurate reporting of an e-process to create successful sampling campaigns.

Success Story

Targeted Sampling With Online Grocery Applications

The objective was to run an E-sampling campaign to introduce a new product “for one of the leading fabric softeners brands in Saudi Arabia” and increase brand awareness, by attaching branded flyers to a total of 10,000 samples and distributing it through an online grocery platform.

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